AFWERX has the ability to bring together our nation’s best and brightest to collaborate, innovate, fabricate, and present accelerated results to the United States Air Force to better serve our #1 customer: the warfighter and operators in the Air Force.

The AFRL Scholars Program, in collaboration with AFWERX, offers internships at various locations across the U.S. Locations vary by session, but may include:

Use the filters and search options available in Research Topics to learn about projects specific to your personal interests.


Rates below are based on most recent session stipends.

Education Level* GS-Schedule Equivalent Weekly Stipend**
Undergraduate (Less than 60 semester credits earned) GS-3 Step 1 $532.80
Undergraduate (More than 60 semester credits earned) GS-6 Step 1 $746.00
Master's-seeking GS-9 Step 1 $1,014.00
Ph.D.-seeking GS-11 Step 1 $1,226.80

*Education level shall be based on credits earned during the semester preceding internship session dates
**Based on GS-schedule for the Rest of the United States (RUS) (Office of Personnel Management)