Rome Laboratory

At Rome Laboratory, the AFRL Scholars Program offers internship opportunities in research-based projects for a range of academic levels. Join our team and spend time researching the exciting technologies in Information Directorate, gain valuable hands-on learning experience under the mentorship of full-time AFRL scientists and engineers, and develop relationships with other scholars that will last a lifetime!

The AFRL Scholars Program at Rome Laboratory in Rome, NY, offers various technical projects in STEM fields that develop systems, concepts, and technologies to enhance the Air Force’s information capabilities.

For more information about projects offered at Rome Laboratory, please use the filters and search options available in Research Topics.


Rates below are based on most recent session stipends.

Education Level* Weekly Stipend**
Undergraduate Freshman $680.00
Undergraduate Sophomore $720.00
Undergraduate (More than 60 semester credits earned) $760.00
Master's-seeking $840.00
Ph.D.-seeking $880.00

*Education level shall be based on credits earned during the semester preceding internship session dates
**Accepted scholars at this location will also be offered a travel stipend, in addition to the weekly stipend rate.