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Several AFRL Scholars have co-authored publications in scientific journals or other notable publications. Below is a selection of their articles:


Ard, S. G., Johnson, R. S., Melko, J. J., Martinez, O., Shuman, N. S., Ushakov, V. G., . . . Viggiano, A. A. (2015). Spin-inversion and spin-selection in the reactions of FeO+ + H2 and Fe++ N2O. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17(30), 19709–19717. 


Ard, S. G., Melko, J. J., Ushakov, V. G., Johnson, R., Fournier, J. A., Shuman, N. S., . . . Viggiano, A. A. (2014). Activation of methane by FeO+: Determining reaction pathways through temperature-dependent kinetics and statistical modeling. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118(11), 2029–2039.


Fournier, J. A., Shuman, N. S., Melko, J. J., Ard, S. G., & Viggiano, A. A. (2013). A novel technique for measurement of thermal rate constants and temperature dependences of dissociative recombination: CO2+, CF3+, N2O+, C7H8+, C7H7+, C6H6+, C6H5+, C5H6+, C4H+, and C3H3+. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138(15), 154201.


Gallegos, A., Ranasinghe, N., Ni, J., & Sandoval, E. (2014). Lg attenuation in the central and eastern United States as revealed by the EarthScope Transportable Array. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 402, 187–196.


McCall, P. D., Naudeau, M. L., & Adjouadi, M. (2014). Debris characterization techniques via unresolved long-wave infrared imaging from a space-based platform. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing, 8(1), 084989.


Melko, J. J., Ard, S. G., Johnson, R. S., Shuman, N. S., Guo, H., & Viggiano, A. A. (2014). Temperature-dependent kinetics of charge transfer, hydrogen-atom transfer, and hydrogen-atom expulsion in the reaction of CO+ with CH4 and CD4. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118(37), 8141–8146.


Petersen, J., Twagirayezu, F., Borges, P. D., Scolfaro, L., & Geerts, W. (2016). Ab initio study of oxygen vacancy effects on electronic and optical properties of NiO. MRS Advances, 1-6.


If you are an AFRL Scholar and have authored a publication, please share the details with us so that we can include it here.