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AFRL Directorates


Internships through the AFRL Scholars Program are currently offered through the directorates listed below. To find out more about the research being conduct within each directorate and those that best suit your interests, please read below and also visit the Research Topics site page to learn about upcoming projects.


Directed Energy (RD)
With headquarters at Kirtland AFB, the Directed Energy Directorate is the Air Force's center of expertise for directed energy and optical technologies. The Directed Energy Directorate focuses in four core technical competencies: Lasers Systems, High Power Electromagnetics, Weapons Modeling and Simulation, and Directed Energy and Electro-Optics for Space Superiority. 

AFRL pioneered the first and only megawatt class airborne laser and is a leader in ground-based space imaging using adaptive optics with our 3.5 meter telescope in New Mexico and a 3.6 meter telescope in Hawaii. The lab is transitioning game-changing counter-electronics weapon technologies that can degrade damage or destroy electronic systems with minimum collateral damage.


Munitions (RW)
With headquarters at Eglin AFB, the Munitions Directorate develops, demonstrates, and transitions science and technology for airlaunched munitions for defeating ground-fixed, mobile/relocatable, air, and space targets. The directorate works to assure preeminence of US air and space forces, conducting basic research, exploratory development, and advanced development and demonstrations. It also participates in programs focused on technology transfer, dual use technology, and small business development.


Space Vehicles (RV)
With headquarters at Kirtland AFB, the Space Vehicles Directorate serves as the Air Force's "Center of Excellence" for space research and development. The Directorate develops and transitions space technologies for more effective, more affordable warfighter missions. Primary mission thrusts include Space-Based Surveillance (space to space and space to ground) and Space Capability Protection (protecting space assets from man-made and natural effects). The directorate also leverages commercial, civil and other government resources that ensure America's defense advantage. Primary focus areas include: radiation-hardened electronics, space power, space structures and control, space-based sensing, space environmental effects, autonomous maneuvering and balloon and satellite flight experiments. The directorate also operates an additional research site near Gakona, Alaska. Leading the nation in space supremacy research and development, the Space Vehicles Directorate consists of an integrated team of 900-plus military, civilian, and on-site contractors.



To learn more about AFRL directorates, please visit the Team AFRL website.