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Rachel Abrahams

Monica Suresh Allen

Jeffery W Allen

Christopher J Annesley

Shaun Gerald Ard

Nick Arge

Glenn Eli Baker

Karatholuvu Balasubramaniam

Morgan Baldwin

Jeremy Banik

Brendan Bialy

Ken David Blackburn

Nydeia Bolden

Ryan Steven Booth

Geoffrey Keith Bradshaw

Kevin Brink

Jarrod Paul Brown

Matthew Burfeindt

Jonah Colman

david lyttleton cooke

Russell Cooper

Vincent Cowan

James D Davis

Benjamin Thomas Dickinson

Angela Spence Diggs

Jacob Dodson

Christopher Dodson

Emily Doucette

Derek Thomas Doyle

Hans-Peter Dumm

Arthur Henry Edwards

Jennifer Elle

Richard Scott Erwin

Dale Curtis Ferguson

Timothy Fleming

Justin Ryan Fletcher

Thomas Fraser

Michael D. Gallegos

Jeff Ganley

Jamie Gantert

Eli Garduno

Todd Gordon

Jacob Robert Grosek

Daniel Stephen Guillette

Jason Hammond

Beth Hanning

Carl Henney

Joanna Hinks

Rachel Hock-Mysliwiec

Brad Hoff

Chaosong Huang

Geoffrey Drake Jenkins

Robert L. Johnson

Stephen Kahler

Brian Kasch

Christian Keith Keyser

Tomislav Kosta

Mayer Landau

Matthew Isaac Landavazo

Christopher Joseph Leach

Nathan Lemke

Pedro Lopez-Fernandez

Alan Lovell

Stacy Manni

Peter Mardahl

Oscar Martinez

Julian McCafferty

Steven McClendon

James P McCollough

Jesse Keith Mee

Scott Milster

Kyle H Montgomery

Christian Paul Morath

Nicholas John Morley

Gabriel Mounce

Josue David Munoz

Shadi Naderi

Madeleine Naudeau

Michael Nayak

Lynn James Neergaard

Spencer E Olson

Andrew Ongstad

Larry E Parten

Crystal Pasiliao

Eduardo Lewis Pasiliao

Shivani Patel

Thomas L Peng

Dylan Penn

Christopher Daniel Petersen

Michael Edwin Peterson

Stephen Phillips

Andrew Carballo Pineda

Greg A. Pitz

Benjamin Douglas Prince

Ben Pulford

Daniel Archer Reasor

Remington Reid

Eric Lewis Scarborough

Waid Thomas Schlaegel

Andreas Schmitt-Sody

Amanda Schrand

Frederick Schult

John Paul Sena

Ryan Sherrill

Andrew James Sinclair

Jacob Wade Singleton

Robert Sivilli

Sally Smith

Mark F. Spencer

Matthew Squires

Jaime Stearns

Elizabeth H Steenbergen

Joy Stein

Michael Joseph Steinbock

Dimitar M Stoyanov

Thomas Ryan Swindle

Brenton Taft

Jennifer Talley

Wilkin Tang

Nicholas Tarasenko

Brian Kyle Taylor

Rhoe A Thompson

Jimmy E Touma

William Alexander Toussaint

Lok-kun Tsui

Robert W Vick

Albert Viggiano

Reed Alan Weber

Ryan M. Weisman

Stephen M White

Andrew Williams

David M Wilt

Donald Joseph Wittich

Jiakang Xie

Kate Yoshino

Justin William Young

Please select an AFRL mentor from the left to view their professional biography and photograph. Scholars are encouraged to contact mentors using the link included within each biography. Contact links are included only for those mentors who are willing to be contacted during the application period.


If you are interested in applying to projects under a specific mentor, please go to Research Topics and use the available 'Keyword Search' filter to learn about his/her projects.

Brad Hoff

Dr. Hoff graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science.  His graduate research focused on high power microwave sources and non-neutral plasmas.  Prior to graduate school, Dr. Hoff served in the U.S. Navy as a nuclear trained naval surface warfare officer.  Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, he joined the scientific staff at the AFRL Directed Energy Directorate.  His current research involves both experimental and computational efforts and spans multiple topic areas, including novel crossed-field microwave sources for high power and high frequency operation, Nonlinear Transmission Lines, and , upper-atmospheric plasma chemistry.