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Ashar Ali

Jeffery W Allen

Monica Suresh Allen

Scott Thomas Alsid

Brian Matthew Anderson

Christopher J Annesley

Shaun Gerald Ard

Nick Arge

Glenn Eli Baker

Anthony Eloy Baros

Elizabeth Kay Bartlett

Raymond Bemish

Lauren Danielle Bierman

Ken David Blackburn

Ryan Steven Booth

Christopher Box

Geoffrey Keith Bradshaw

Kevin Brink

Robert Allen Brown

Jessica Lynn Buckner

David John Buehler

Robert Patrick Bush

Pamela Card

Daniel S. Cargill

Stacey R Carswell

Jared Clements

Ryan Coder

Jonah Colman

david lyttleton cooke

Russell Cooper

Matthew A Cooper

Vince Cowan

Andrew Crete

Jacob Edward Darling

James D Davis

Darnell Diggs

Angela Spence Diggs

Jacob Dodson

Emily Doucette

Derek Thomas Doyle

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Rafael Fierro

Philip Flater

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Justin Ryan Fletcher

Kathryn Turk Flynn

Jeff Ganley

Jamie Gantert

Robert Garner

Paul David Gensheimer

Sean Gibbons

Hanna Eleanor Gjermo

George C Goldsmith

John Robert Grimes

Jacob Robert Grosek

Shelly Ann Gruenig, PhD

Venkata Gudimetla

Daniel Stephen Guillette

Jason Hammond

David Barrett Hardin

Arthur Garfield Hassall

Andrew James Haug

Carl Henney

Leanne Joan Henry

Joanna Hinks

Rachel Hock-Mysliwiec

Brad Hoff

Ryan Hoffmann

Jeffrey Morgan Holmes

Chaosong Huang

Cheryl Yu-Ying Huang

Robert L. Johnson

Stephen Kahler

Lee A Kann

Brian Kasch

Christian Keith Keyser

Jordan Taylor Kirk

Michael Lambrecht

Matthew Isaac Landavazo

Christopher Joseph Leach

Nathan Lemke

Joshua Lentz

Zachary Levin

Pedro Lopez-Fernandez

Alan Lovell

Tyler M. Lovelly

Darren Patrick Luke

Ron Lumia

Timothy J Madden

Diana Maestas

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Jesse Keith Mee

Kevin Meng

Scott Milster

Christopher D Molek

Dennis Montera

Kyle H Montgomery

Christian Paul Morath

Fernando Moreu

Nicholas John Morley

Gabriel Mounce

Michael Dean Murphy

Madeleine Naudeau

Michael Nayak

Lynn James Neergaard

Kenneth S Obenberger

Meeko Oishi

Rachel Oliver

Garrett Olsen

Jesse Olson

Spencer E Olson

Andrew Ongstad

Sarah Joyce Opeka

Eduardo Lewis Pasiliao

Crystal Pasiliao

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Christopher Daniel Petersen

Sean Phillips

Stephen Phillips

Andrew Carballo Pineda

Greg A. Pitz

John Bryan Plumley

Benjamin Douglas Prince

Ben Pulford

John Michael Rask

Daniel Archer Reasor

Malcolm Steven Reese

Remington Reid

Jeanne M Riga

Eric Robertson

Christopher Rocker

Patrick Andrew Roddy

Cal T Roman

Erin Ruiz

Connie Sue Runyan

Adam James Rutkowski

Judith Ann Saavedra

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Richard S Zappulla

Please select an AFRL mentor from the left to view their professional biography and photograph. Scholars are encouraged to contact mentors using the link included within each biography. Contact links are included only for those mentors who are willing to be contacted during the application period.


If you are interested in applying to projects under a specific mentor, please go to Research Topics and use the available 'Keyword Search' filter to learn about his/her projects.

Michael Nayak

Dr. Michael Nayak is a staff scientist at the Maui High Performance Computing Center. He is also a Captain in the US Air Force, was a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow, and has previously worked for NASA at the Kennedy, Goddard and Ames Centers. 

Ph.D.  Earth and Planetary Science
M.Sc.  Earth Science
M.Eng. Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics & Propulsion)
B.Sc.  Aerospace Engineering (Astronautics)

Dr. Nayak has authored over 35 journal and conference papers in research areas spanning Aerospace Engineering, Planetary Science, Astrophysics, Space Mission Design, Guidance Navigation and Control, Geophysics and Space Policy. Further details on his ongoing research may be found at A partial list of his publications is on Google Scholar:

"I am looking for highly motivated Masters and Ph.D students to work on short-timescale, large-impact publishable science. I encourage every applicant to feel free to contact me if you are considering applying to my topic! My research portfolio is fairly diverse, so any topic can be adjusted to suit a student's interests or previous research/thesis background. I am dedicated to a student experience that is collaborative, productive and of mutual interest; my goal will be to advance our project from concept to publication in 12 weeks."