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Malcolm Steven Reese

Malcolm Reese is an agile manufacturing engineer in - you guessed it - the Agile Manufacturing Lab where he upgrades 3D printers to be able to do much more than they are designed with the goal of eventually fully 3D printing a whole satellite!

Mr. Reese has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Nanoscience & Nanomaterials and a minor in Mathematics from University of New Mexico, and also just recently finished his M.S. in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering at University of New Mexico. As you may be able to tell, he enjoys researching the science of very small things, especially when those research fields have very large titles. He hopes to start his PhD soon (if he hasn't already by the time you're reading this) on multi-tool 3D printed embedded electronics systems - another really long title.

He also very much dislikes writing paragraphs in 3rd person ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Albrecht, Mary

Aldrich, Joseph

Ali, Ashar

Allen, Monica Suresh

Allen, Jeffery W

Allison, Jonathan

Anderson, Brian Matthew

Anderson, Amber N

Annesley, Christopher J

Ard, Shaun Gerald

Ariyawansa, Gamini

Baker, Glenn Eli

Baros, Anthony Eloy

Bartlett, Elizabeth Kay

Beason, Melissa Kay

Bell, Zachary Ian

Bennette, Walter D

Bergstedt, Zachary

Bierman, Lauren Danielle

Bodily, Kyle Tyler

Bohner, Emily C

Bolden, Nydeia

Booth, Ryan Steven

Brink, Kevin

Brown, Jarrod P.

Burrell, Derek James

Bush, Robert Patrick

Card, Stephen

Choi, David Sungcheol

Coder, Ryan

Conway, Emily

cooke, david lyttleton

Courtney, Trevor Laurence

Cowan, Vince

Crochet, Michael

Cubillos-Moraga, Max Anton

Cuevas, Desirae L

Cybenko, Anne

Davis, James D

Dennis, Miriam

Denny, Bud Alonzo

Dev, Sukrith Umesh

Dodson, Jacob

Donckels, Joshua R

Dorismond, Jessica P

Doss, Scott L

Doucette, Emily

Dumm, Hans-Peter

Elle, Jennifer

Erbsen, Wes Corbin

Erwin, Richard Scott

Ferguson, Dale Curtis

Fetrow, Matthew Paul

Fierro, Rafael

Fisher, Patrick John

Flater, Philip

Fogg, Benjamin Jerome

Foltz, Amy Lynn

Friz, Noah

Funke, Zachary Kahl

Ganley, Jeff

Gaskey, Bernard

Godwin, Jamie

Grant, Perry Christian

Gregoire, Maxwell David

Grimes, John Robert

Grosek, Jacob Robert

Gudimetla, Venkata

Hammond, Jason

Hardin, David Barrett

Hausgen, Paul

Henry, Leanne Joan

Hinga, Mark Brandon

Hinks, Joanna

Hobbs, Kerianne

Hoff, Brad

Hoffmann, Ryan

Hollis, Brayden Daniel

Huang, Chaosong


Hudack, Jeffrey

Hussain, Saber

Islam, Ahmad Ehteshamul

Jackson, Alec James

Jacoby Morris, Kimberly Joy

Johnson, Robert L.

Kahler, Stephen

Kann, Lee A

Kasch, Brian

Kemnetz, Matthew Robert

Kent, Evelyn Anne

Kerestes, Christopher

Keyser, Christian Keith

Kiel, Jennifer Stacy

Klawonn, Matthew M

Koerner, Hilmar

Krzyzewski, Sean Patrick

Lane, Steven A.

Lane, Ryan Andrew

Leach, Christopher Joseph

Loux, Bill

Lovell, Alan

Lovelly, Tyler M.

Luke, Darren Patrick

Mardahl, Peter

Martin, Kyle William

Martin, Jennifer

Mateen, Mala

Mayberry, Clay Scott

McQuaid, Ian Wesley

Mee, Jesse Keith

Mercier, Mark

Miller, Kelsey Lynn

Molek, Christopher D

Moore, Michael R

Morath, Christian Paul

Moreu, Fernando

Morley, Nicholas John

Moura, Adriane G

Myers, David

Naudeau, Madeleine

Neff, Clayton

Nivison, Scott Andrew

Noren, Carrie

Obenberger, Kenneth S

O'Brien, Liam John

Ohta, Priscilla

Oishi, Meeko

Olson, Jesse

Olson, Spencer E

Pasiliao, Crystal

Pasiliao, Eduardo Lewis

Peng, Thomas L

Peplinski, Stanley Z.

Perkins, Joanne Louise

Petersen, Christopher Daniel

Pham, Khanh Dai

Phillips, Ryan Edward

Phillips, Sean

Pineda, Andrew Carballo

Pitz, Greg A.

Plumley, John Bryan

Prince, Benjamin Douglas

Reasor, Daniel Archer

Reese, Malcolm Steven

Reid, Remington

Rice, Brian Elliot

Richey, Jeff

Rockmore, Robert

Roman, Cal T

Rutkowski, Adam James

Ryan, Kenneth

Saavedra, Judith Ann

Sable, Peter Anthony

Scalice, Niccoli Navarro

Schlaegel, Waid T

Schmitt-Sody, Andreas

Schramka, Charles

Schramm, Stacy

Schult, Frederick

sexauer, michael

Shaffer, Benjamin

Sharma, Ashwani Kumar

Sheffey, Varlin Vincent

Sheyka, Michael Peter

Simon, Michelle Regan

Simone, Davide L

Sinclair, Andrew James

Sizemore, Alex

Slater, Windy

Squires, Matthew

Stanford, Jeremy

Stenstad, Amanda Joy

Sura, Kevin

Sweeny, Brendan

Talley, Jennifer

Tam, Chung-Jen John

Tang, Wilkin

Taylor, Ron H

Theis, Zachry C

Todd, Jessica Robertson

Torres, Victor

Touma, Jimmy E

Trowell, Ashley Joseph

Trujillo, Joseph D

Tsui, Lok-kun

Undlin, Joshua Scott

Vanden Berg, Andrew

Van Ginhoven, Renee

Van Zandt, Noah Richard

Velasquez, Alvaro

Viggiano, Albert

Vogel, Andrew Jacob

Watson, Robert M

Weber, Reed Alan

Wehling, Martin

Welch, Korinna E

Wheelock, Adrian

Wilcox, Christopher Charles

Willemann, Raymond James

Williams, Stacie E

Witbeck, Brandon

Wittich, Donald Joseph

Yang, Chi

Young, Shawn

Zappulla II, Richard S

Zegers, Federico Maximiliano