Edwards AFB

AFRL at Edwards AFB (Rocket Propulsion Division) is a unique opportunity for selected scholars. Scholars work within the Rocket Propulsion Division, which is located on approximately 65 square miles in the north-eastern corner of Edwards AFB. This section of the Air Base is located approximately 90 miles north of Los Angeles, California. The closest major cities are Lancaster and Palmdale, California. See link for location.

The AFRL Scholars Program offers internship opportunities for engineers and chemists to assist in the development and testing of Liquid Rocket Engines, Solid Rocket Motors, and In-Space Thrusters at a variety of academic ranges. Some of these very projects can be referenced on our web site at https://afresearchlab.com/technology/aerospace/.

AFRL Scholars gain hands-on experience while being mentored by our AFRL world class scientists and engineers. Internships are generally 10-12 weeks in duration, but longer and shorter experiences can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.  Internships are offered to both undergraduate and graduate college students.

To see and learn more about the Rocket Propulsion Division use the following links to view a tour, learn about ASCENT on the GPIM mission,  and watch a RDRE live stream test.

Note: All participants must be high school graduates and at least 18 years old at the start of the internship. 


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