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Below is a list of research topics supported by the AFRL. You may apply for an internship at more than one location: Kirtland/AMOS, Eglin/Hurlburt or Other Locations. You are required to complete an application for each location. You may apply for up to three (3) topics for a location on an application.

Use the filters and keyword search below to find research topics of interest.

Scholars are encouraged to contact any mentors whose projects they find of interest. To contact the mentor, use the link included at the conclusion of each project description.

S&T Scouting for Future Force Capabilities (Full Time)
Mentor: Jessica Robertson Todd, Joint Staff - J7
Location: Pentagon
Academic Level: Ph.D.

Support the DoD Joint Staff's efforts to develop future joint concepts, apply skills of scientific inquiry and investigation to ensure the concept's approach is informed by and grounded in principles of science. For example, how does the joint force maintain communication and command and control when operating in an environment with limited/intermittent access to the electromagnetic spectrum? Establish and maintain knowledge on issues associated with a broad range of natural and physical science matters associated with the adaptability and transition of advanced warfighting capabilities to the Joint Force. Furnishes advice and consultation to the Future Technology Office (FTO) Director, and as required to Director, Joint Force Development office and Vice Directors, and to members of the Department of Defense (DOD) science and technology community on various Force Design and Force Development issues. Provide insight on critical science-related challenges affecting short and long-term warfighting capabilities, the status of science and technology related projects and policies, directives of higher authority, and past results. Advises the FTO and Joint Force Development on relevant science and technology studies and work programs.

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