Research Topics

Below is a list of research topics supported by the AFRL. You may apply for an internship at more than one location: Kirtland/AMOS, Eglin/Hurlburt or Other Locations. You are required to complete an application for each location. You may apply for up to three (3) topics for a location on an application.

Use the filters and keyword search below to find research topics of interest.

Scholars are encouraged to contact any mentors whose projects they find of interest. To contact the mentor, use the link included at the conclusion of each project description.

Multi-System Reliability Analysis
Mentor: Paul Hausgen, Air Force Global Strike Command
Location: Barksdale
Academic Level: High School, Masters, Ph.D., Lower-level Undergraduate, Upper-level Undergraduate

The project aims to develop reliability analysis methods for large networks of many heterogeneous systems. The ideal candidate has a background in electrical engineering, operations research, statistics, applied mathematics, or a related field, and interests in network science, optimization, applied probability, and/or uncertainty quantification. The research intern will learn to develop physics and engineering based reliability modeling of processes that involve networks of heterogeneous systems that interact with each other and environments that impact their individual reliability. The models will be implemented in high level programming languages (e.g. Python, MATLAB) on test problems related to search and rescue scenarios.

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