New Scholars

If you are selected as an AFRL Scholar, you may be required to complete the necessary paperwork to obtain a government Secret Security Clearance. Please note that select projects may require Top Secret Security Clearance. A thorough investigation will be conducted on the information that you provide.

If you are a first-time scholar in the AFRL Scholars Program but already have an active security clearance or an open investigation for Secret level or higher, please read the information for Returning Scholars.

The process to obtain a Secret Security Clearance prior to the internship is extensive. If selected, you will be required to provide information for all of the topics below (not all topics are listed):

  • Personal Contact Information
  • Proof of citizenship status for yourself and your immediate family, spouse or cohabitant, if applicable, such as:
    • U.S. Passport, Certificate of Citizenship (N560 or N561), Naturalization Certificate (N550 or N570), Certification of Report of Birth Abroad (DS1350), Certification of Birth (FS545), Consular Report of Birth Abroad (FS240)
  • Personal residence(s), name, address, and phone number of a person who knew you at each address.
  • Educational history including institutions attended, dates of attendance, address. If attendance was within the last 3 years, you will need a name address and contact information for a person who knew you at the school (instructor, student, etc.).
  • Employment history with current and previous work location addresses, Supervisor names, addresses, and contact information.
  • Military history including selective service ID number, if applicable.
  • Three personal references.
  • Relatives’ citizenship information, aliases, employers, and foreign activities for all immediate relatives including estranged, living, deceased.
  • Foreign Contacts
  • Foreign Activities
  • Foreign Travel
  • Police Record (7 year history)
  • Illegal Drug Use (7 year history)
  • Use of Alcohol (7 year history)

Several factors can affect your investigation, but these factors tend to result in the majority of the candidates being disqualified for a security clearance.

Immediate Disqualifiers – Several factors can affect the investigation, but immediate disqualifiers are:

  • Less than full disclosure of any required information (positive or negative)
  • Illegal Drug Use (within 7 years)
  • DUI (within 7 years)
  • Probation
  • Foreign Relations that can compromise government security

If for any reason a Secret Security Clearance is unable to be acquired, the internship offer may be rescinded.

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